Watford Engagement: Ayo and Stacey

Ayo and Stacey met in summer of 2004. They recollect their first encounter involved dancing with each other amidst a funny scenario where a friend of Ayo’s asked him to approach Stacey on his behalf for a dance.  Stacey was reluctant and Ayo persistent, eventually she confessed to having a preference for Ayo and not his friend….. and as they say the rest was history.

Ayo and Stacey had me laughing all through the shoot; easy couple to get along with, a photographers dream, and they were good for trying out ideas. It was a pleasure to document your session.


Ayo and Stacey were natural posers, just a little direction needed from me, ‘chin down’.


Taste the rainbow. It was hard seeing all those skittles flying around.


We tried something a bit different towards the end of the shoot on this one.  It was real fun to head into town and interact with the surroundings.  Inspiration for this came from a New York photographer whose work I learn from.

If you like what you see, watch the moving stills below for the rest of the pictures.


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